02 August 2014

Learn Egyptian from 'songs'


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Getting Started
Egyptian ABCs
Introduction - السلام عليكم
Lesson 1 - ما خلاص
Lesson 2 - لازم أعيش
Lesson 3 - لسه بحبك
Lesson 4 - هتمناله الخير
Lesson 5 - منايا
Lesson 6 - لمستك
Lesson 7 - وماله؟
Lesson 8 - انت ايه؟
Lesson 9 - امتى حتعرف؟
Lesson 10 - توبة
Lesson 11 - خليك جنبي
Lesson 12 - انا قلبي ليك ميّال
Lesson 13 - ولا حاجة
Lesson 14 - انا مش بعيد
Lesson 15 - انت معايا

Egyptian Arabic Vocabulary

Click here to view the Egyptian Arabic Vocabulary, with hundreds of useful words and phrases
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15 June 2014

Sharawyمحمد متولى الشعراوى

Sharawyمحمد متولى الشعراوى:
Are you you ready  for Ramadan*.?

This is your chance to learn Arabic  via Quran  by watching  Mr ElSharawy speaks Classic,  MSA  and Egyptian. all in one session 
Follow this steps 
1-click  http://elsharawy.com/
2-click on the name of any Sura .

3- click on video 

 Although these videos related to Muslims, it is also very useful way to listen and learn Arabic for non Muslims who study Arabic.

Other link http://tanzil.net/#1:1

10 May 2014

LangMedia: CultureTalk Egypt

LangMedia: CultureTalk Egypt:

CultureTalk Egypt: Video Pages by Topic